Encroachment by Monica DeSimone

Claire McEvoy’s carefully constructed walls come tumbling down as she’s faced with her past, opening her heart to the possibility of love. Monica DeSimone outdid herself in this second installment of her Coach’s Shadow trilogy.

After Claire McEvoy’s first attempt at love was shattered by devastating violence, she built walls, barriers, and obstacles to protect herself from everyone, including her family. She learned to cope by devoting her entire life to taking care of everyone else’s needs and happiness.

Jackson Alexander knows all of the past ugliness that occurred, and although he has loved Claire since she was fifteen years old, he always settled for the friendship that she offered. Now, twenty-three years later, he is back and getting the chance he always desired.

Claire still finds it impossible to let any man into her life, but he won’t be deterred. This time he is not letting her push him away. Even if it means getting a flag on the play for encroachment, Claire will ultimately be his.

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Love in Game by Lexi Buchanan

A hockey player with a soft heart meets a young, sheltered woman ready to come into her own. Follow Kasey and Felicity in book 6 of Lexi Buchanan’s De La Fuente series, available now. 

Kasey De La Fuente has felt that something was missing from his life as he’s watched his brothers and sister find love, but nothing can prepare him for meeting the young and innocent, Felicity Kelly. She makes him crave more for himself and it makes him crazy with how quickly his heart becomes involved…and then she disappears while he sleeps.

The connection Felicity felt with Kasey while in Vegas has stayed with her and not a day has gone by in the last three months that she hasn’t thought about him. However, a trip to New York with her brother, Blake, and a chance meeting with Kasey throws her life into turmoil, and it’s only with Kasey by her side that she gets through it all. She needs him to breathe.


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A Fiery Spring by Chelsea O’Neal

Chelsea O’Neal’s next installment in her Scott’s Kinfolk Saga is out now. 

Will Lucy and Wyatt’s love burn hot like molten glass?

Lucy Torin uses her fire magic to make the amazing blown glass creations that sell in her family’s store. The magic that runs in her helps her mold the glass to her desire. However, her fire magic does nothing to help her catch the eye of Wyatt, her brother’s friend. She begins to wonder if she’ll ever find a man to look at her as anything other than a little sister.

Or will it fizzle out forever when another man comes between them?

Wyatt Nicholson moved away from heartache to the small town of Scottsville, not expecting to find Lucy. Her passion and warmth pulls him in, but dating his friend’s sister is not a good idea. Then a man with an unhealthy attachment to Lucy threatens to take her from everyone, forcing Wyatt to see what his heart already knows.

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